Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Is it possible that this is the missing Gladys Tripalong?  What kind of a getup is she wearing.  If, in fact, this is my missing sister, I'm going to call a family meeting as soon as I get her home! 

Joe is looking for his Gladys

If anyone out there has seen Gladys, who is apparently heading for Vegas, please let Pete know.  He is willing to give up is stamp collection for her safe return.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

GLadys Sighting 2

GLADYS SIGHTING TWO--Picture submitted by  JtThomas59

 I own that dress.  It sags over my cleavage.  I think my version must be defective.

My Thoughts:  This dress is much more the style of Gladys or the style I wish Gladys displayed.  And the hair color is right., brown.   But Gladys has curls, darn her.   My whole life I wished for hair like hers and she always spent time either whining about it or straightening it.

The chick in the picture does have a lovely Canadian tan.  :0)  But once again this girl is just too young.  I mean is she legal to drink in the States?  She looks like she's in her late teens.   Plus she seems a bit hesitant and shy. 

Gladys, I've learned, is anything but shy.  Lying, manipulative little skweege.  Sigh. I do love her though but I sometimes wonder if mom took hallucinogens when she carried Gladys.  Her egg came out scrambled.

Thanks again for the try but this one isn't my sister either.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gladys Sighting Number 1

 I received my first possible sighting of Gladys from TirzahLaughs.   I posted the picture above.

My Thoughts:

Okay, I admit I said my sister loves costumes but do you really think that Gladys would wear a leather jumpsuit and purple dreds?  I read through her journal again. I guess she might after reading this thing.  Sigh.

I still don't think it's her.  First of all, she's wearing hooker spike boots. 

I couldn't even get her to wear three inch heels to our cousin's wedding and she bitched about the two and half inch ones the whole reception.  I couldn't even enjoy my wine and roasted chicken.  Bitch, bitch, bitch. 

Plus the girl's too young.  Gladys, no matter how much expensive foundation she uses, isn't twenty-five anymore.  I use a bit of concealer myself when I have to go out in full sunlight.

I have to say this one is a no-go.

It was a good try though.  Keep an eye out for my sister on your travels.