Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gladys Sighting Number 1

 I received my first possible sighting of Gladys from TirzahLaughs.   I posted the picture above.

My Thoughts:

Okay, I admit I said my sister loves costumes but do you really think that Gladys would wear a leather jumpsuit and purple dreds?  I read through her journal again. I guess she might after reading this thing.  Sigh.

I still don't think it's her.  First of all, she's wearing hooker spike boots. 

I couldn't even get her to wear three inch heels to our cousin's wedding and she bitched about the two and half inch ones the whole reception.  I couldn't even enjoy my wine and roasted chicken.  Bitch, bitch, bitch. 

Plus the girl's too young.  Gladys, no matter how much expensive foundation she uses, isn't twenty-five anymore.  I use a bit of concealer myself when I have to go out in full sunlight.

I have to say this one is a no-go.

It was a good try though.  Keep an eye out for my sister on your travels.


  1. What should I look out for when I'm searching for Gladys?


  2. Actually I think Gladys is cavorting in the bottom of my front garden right now. Something purple is flapping around in the bushes near the corner! I called out and invited her in so she can get warm - all those bare arms are making me feel cold - but all I got back was a squeaking noise. Just hope the local rednecks don't mistake her for fair game LOL