Sunday, June 12, 2011

GLadys Sighting 2

GLADYS SIGHTING TWO--Picture submitted by  JtThomas59

 I own that dress.  It sags over my cleavage.  I think my version must be defective.

My Thoughts:  This dress is much more the style of Gladys or the style I wish Gladys displayed.  And the hair color is right., brown.   But Gladys has curls, darn her.   My whole life I wished for hair like hers and she always spent time either whining about it or straightening it.

The chick in the picture does have a lovely Canadian tan.  :0)  But once again this girl is just too young.  I mean is she legal to drink in the States?  She looks like she's in her late teens.   Plus she seems a bit hesitant and shy. 

Gladys, I've learned, is anything but shy.  Lying, manipulative little skweege.  Sigh. I do love her though but I sometimes wonder if mom took hallucinogens when she carried Gladys.  Her egg came out scrambled.

Thanks again for the try but this one isn't my sister either.


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