Saturday, November 19, 2011

Characters that enhance Gladys Tripalong in Gladys Tripalong's Private Journal

Daniel Tripalong: Daniel is the sixteen-year-old only child of single mom Gladys. His occasional sarcasm can’t mask his devotion to her. Life is good in the Tripalong house.

Carol Smithers: Carol, a sophisticated corporate lawyer, is ten years older than Ev and two years older than Gladys. Carol is outwardly haughty and stern. However, with her guard down, you will glimpse her status as the family matriarch with the heart of a marshmallow.

Ev Tripalong: Ev, a popular and respected real estate agent, is the self-proclaimed mediator between the bossy Carol and the precocious Gladys. She expends a lot of energy mollifying Carol, the controller, and cautiously re-directing her madcap middle sister.

Joe Little: Joe met Gladys mid-way between her thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth year. His upbeat demeanor and tough-guy persona compliment her wacky personality and diminutive feminism. Forty-year-old Michael Landon look-a-like is divorced, and the father of a college age son A newcomer to Alberta, the brilliant detective has a reputation for solving difficult cases.  All you single ladies may as well cross Joe off your wish list; Gladys has centre stage.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This novella will be available through Amazon the first week of December

Bits and Bites of
 Gladys Tripalong’s Private Journal
Several martinis later, Carol helps herself to one of Ann’s ├ęclairs. As she takes a big bite, gooey pink and green icing slides onto her hand. She grimaces, wipes crumbs from her mouth and green goop off her hand, and turns to her younger sister. “Ev, are you ready to share your final thoughts?”
 Ev gulps her tenth, or eleventh, or twelfth martini almost drops the glass as she passes it to Carol, using three tissues to blow her nose, wipes her eyes…smearing her mascara, and then settles on a stool that Carol positioned for her. In a boozy voice, she begins:


Not long ago, on a snowy night so cold
We sat in silence as we’d been so told

While a lovely ballerina in a tutu new
Waits in the wings for her entrance cue

Arms above her head in a perfect arch
She prepares to make her history mark

Her audience on the edge of their seat
She points her toes and gets set to leap

A pretty pirouette is almost engaged
As she tumbles from the very high stage

Horrified, we watch as she slips out of sight
Some say she instantly died of the fright

Sweet dreams dearest Gladys Tripalong
Finally you performed a spectacular swan song.

Someone giggles.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gladys is working on her Private Journal, but is it really private??

Gladys’ private Journals read like the life of any average thirty-four-year old single mother, who as she struggles with raising a son, also must juggle challenging careers.  
No! That’s not correct.

Gladys’ private Journals read like the life of any thirty-four year old hot momma, frantically searching for love and adventure.
No! That’s not correct.

Gladys’ private Journals read like the life of a loony tune broad with no common sense.
No! That’s not correct.

Through her private Journals, Gladys trips us through her bizarre life. We walk her walk, and we talk her talk. We stumble and pick ourselves up. We brush ourselves off and continue the journey. 
YES! That’s correct!

Journal Entries by Gladys Tripalong“I have decided to write a private Journal. I’ll record my dreams, my life, and my private thoughts. Anyone who reads my secret journal, without my express permission, will go straight to hell.”

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gladys Tripalong's son Daniel asks if anyone has seen her

 Daniel is looking for his mother.  She may have run off to join a circus or joined a Gypsy Band. If anyone has seen this woman, please call Daniel immediately. A small reward is being offered. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Molly searches for Gladys

Missing my Gladys.
Please help me. My master Gladys Tripalong rescued me after I had birthed twelve babies (not all at once). The day we met, I was dragging my sorry ass across the shelter whimpering for someone, anyone, to take me home. And of course she did. Gladys has been missing for several weeks.  I think someone took her. I need to rescue her and bring her home. I can’t survive without her.

She'd never abandon me…she must have been kidnapped. She has been known to hang around with the wrong kind (if you know what I mean). I’ve checked with the dogs and cats in the neighborhood…but no luck.  You can reach me via Gladys Is Missing Poster. Or you could try:

Monday, August 1, 2011

And the Search Goes on!

In their continuing search to find their missing sister, Carol and Ev read Gladys’ Private Journal. “GYPSY TRAILS, by Gladys Tripalong.” She wriggles into a comfortable position, and adjusts her reading glasses. “The day I was kidnapped, I was working my routine paper route.”
“She never had a paper rou…,” Carol interrupts as she glances at a framed two-year-old photo of her and Gladys.   “Never mind…read on.”
“Life with the gypsies was paradise; I didn’t have to go to school.  My new family changed my name to Luludja, which means flower of life. Everyone loved me and spoiled me. “My adoptive Mom, Esmeralda, was a descendant of the Ancient Egyptians.  She told me that way back when…the gypsies were an enslaved race, living in Romania. They were highly respected.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where's Gladys Tripalong

She could be anywhere.  Locked in the truck of a car.  Climbing Mt Everest, or hiding in the forest brird watching!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another sighting?

Is it possible that Gladys is hanging out with these two wise guys?

Someone recently sent this photo to Gladys’ sister Ev and claims the missing sister Gladys was seen in their company.  Is this is Big Dick and Nick? Their appearance fits, but where is Gladys?

Obviously the picture was taken at paradise, but exactly where?  Did she go for a swim?  She CAN’T swim.  Might they have thrown her over the balcony?  Are they watching for her return, or are they planning their next heist? 

I know she wouldn’t bugger off with the likes of these two.  Why would she, when she has a hunk like Joe waiting on her hand and foot.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Is it possible that this is the missing Gladys Tripalong?  What kind of a getup is she wearing.  If, in fact, this is my missing sister, I'm going to call a family meeting as soon as I get her home! 

Joe is looking for his Gladys

If anyone out there has seen Gladys, who is apparently heading for Vegas, please let Pete know.  He is willing to give up is stamp collection for her safe return.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

GLadys Sighting 2

GLADYS SIGHTING TWO--Picture submitted by  JtThomas59

 I own that dress.  It sags over my cleavage.  I think my version must be defective.

My Thoughts:  This dress is much more the style of Gladys or the style I wish Gladys displayed.  And the hair color is right., brown.   But Gladys has curls, darn her.   My whole life I wished for hair like hers and she always spent time either whining about it or straightening it.

The chick in the picture does have a lovely Canadian tan.  :0)  But once again this girl is just too young.  I mean is she legal to drink in the States?  She looks like she's in her late teens.   Plus she seems a bit hesitant and shy. 

Gladys, I've learned, is anything but shy.  Lying, manipulative little skweege.  Sigh. I do love her though but I sometimes wonder if mom took hallucinogens when she carried Gladys.  Her egg came out scrambled.

Thanks again for the try but this one isn't my sister either.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gladys Sighting Number 1

 I received my first possible sighting of Gladys from TirzahLaughs.   I posted the picture above.

My Thoughts:

Okay, I admit I said my sister loves costumes but do you really think that Gladys would wear a leather jumpsuit and purple dreds?  I read through her journal again. I guess she might after reading this thing.  Sigh.

I still don't think it's her.  First of all, she's wearing hooker spike boots. 

I couldn't even get her to wear three inch heels to our cousin's wedding and she bitched about the two and half inch ones the whole reception.  I couldn't even enjoy my wine and roasted chicken.  Bitch, bitch, bitch. 

Plus the girl's too young.  Gladys, no matter how much expensive foundation she uses, isn't twenty-five anymore.  I use a bit of concealer myself when I have to go out in full sunlight.

I have to say this one is a no-go.

It was a good try though.  Keep an eye out for my sister on your travels.