Thursday, November 10, 2011

This novella will be available through Amazon the first week of December

Bits and Bites of
 Gladys Tripalong’s Private Journal
Several martinis later, Carol helps herself to one of Ann’s éclairs. As she takes a big bite, gooey pink and green icing slides onto her hand. She grimaces, wipes crumbs from her mouth and green goop off her hand, and turns to her younger sister. “Ev, are you ready to share your final thoughts?”
 Ev gulps her tenth, or eleventh, or twelfth martini almost drops the glass as she passes it to Carol, using three tissues to blow her nose, wipes her eyes…smearing her mascara, and then settles on a stool that Carol positioned for her. In a boozy voice, she begins:


Not long ago, on a snowy night so cold
We sat in silence as we’d been so told

While a lovely ballerina in a tutu new
Waits in the wings for her entrance cue

Arms above her head in a perfect arch
She prepares to make her history mark

Her audience on the edge of their seat
She points her toes and gets set to leap

A pretty pirouette is almost engaged
As she tumbles from the very high stage

Horrified, we watch as she slips out of sight
Some say she instantly died of the fright

Sweet dreams dearest Gladys Tripalong
Finally you performed a spectacular swan song.

Someone giggles.


  1. Hey Bunny,

    Sheila offered you a proof copy of Girl in the BOx --on my blog.

    :) If you want it, you may want to contact h er through her site.

    Tirzah at

  2. It's exciting that Gladys has finally almost made it the Amazon!