Saturday, November 19, 2011

Characters that enhance Gladys Tripalong in Gladys Tripalong's Private Journal

Daniel Tripalong: Daniel is the sixteen-year-old only child of single mom Gladys. His occasional sarcasm can’t mask his devotion to her. Life is good in the Tripalong house.

Carol Smithers: Carol, a sophisticated corporate lawyer, is ten years older than Ev and two years older than Gladys. Carol is outwardly haughty and stern. However, with her guard down, you will glimpse her status as the family matriarch with the heart of a marshmallow.

Ev Tripalong: Ev, a popular and respected real estate agent, is the self-proclaimed mediator between the bossy Carol and the precocious Gladys. She expends a lot of energy mollifying Carol, the controller, and cautiously re-directing her madcap middle sister.

Joe Little: Joe met Gladys mid-way between her thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth year. His upbeat demeanor and tough-guy persona compliment her wacky personality and diminutive feminism. Forty-year-old Michael Landon look-a-like is divorced, and the father of a college age son A newcomer to Alberta, the brilliant detective has a reputation for solving difficult cases.  All you single ladies may as well cross Joe off your wish list; Gladys has centre stage.


  1. :))) Precious Gladys? they know this woman?



  2. so exciting! I can't wait for kidnapped!!

  3. Sorry I've been so lax about keeping up with my BLog. Kidnapped will be available well before Christmas sales. Thanks for checking in! Irene